Personal toilet for women

Disposable alternative female toilet to other similar female urinary products. Brilliant for camping and holidays, long journeys and foreign countries, travelling, festivals and music events, long car journeys, and other outdoor hobbies and adventures where there may not be adequate toilet facilities or they may be hard to find or unpleasant to use. MeToo is easy to use, discreet, disposable, lightweight and it fits in a pocket. Created by an accredited pharmaceutical company. Anatomical, hygienic, effective design. Squatting in uncomfortable places, sitting on unclean toilets and embarrassing bare bottoms incidents are no longer a problem.


Buggy Tray and toy holder

Trabasack Buggy Tray and Toy Holder

Explore the Toy Holder Options with the Trabasack Range

Trabasack Curve Connect holding baby toys
One of the best features of the Trabasack Buggy Tray is that it can securely hold items on its tray surface to ensure they don’t get lost (or thrown in some cases). There are two main ways you can attach toys to your Trabasack buggy tray and using the tray as a toy holder is great for distracting younger children, especially when utilising the tray in the car, out and about on public transport or whilst shopping. The two options available are by using the innovative Connect surface which you can opt for when purchasing your Trabasack and also utilising the brand new Trabasack Media Mount in conjunction with this Connect feature.

Connect Surface

The Trabasack Connect Surface is a unique soft covering for your buggy tray that utilises hook and loop technology, meaning it is Velcro receptive. Although it may not sound secure, the Connect surface means you can safely stick any item to the tray top without difficulty using Trabasack Hook Tape or Velcro dots, which means that items, such as favourite toys or even food containers can be safely secured so they can be accessed and played with, but not thrown over the edge. One customer even told us “I’ve even got a plastic lunch box that I’ve stuck velcro dots to” so their child always has access to their food and snacks whilst out and about whilst another told us ‘We put velcro on her DS, DVD player and iPod to keep them from sliding around’ and it is a big hit, allowing any item to be secured for children to use and play with.

Buggy Tray and Toy Holder

Media Mount

Trabasack Curve Connect and Media Mount used to secure toys
The Trabasack Media Mount is a further development, making it possible to mount and secure an ever larger range of items to the buggy tray top. The Media Mount is equipped with Velcro to one side which means it can be secured to the tray and then you can use it to create a boundary to keep toys in the right place or wrap it around single items to ensure they’re secured. The Mount is an extremely versatile development and is especially useful for toys which come with hooks themselves, such as those designed to be hung from pram bars and car seat handles. You can simply slip the hooked piece of the toy over the Media Mount, secure it on the buggy tray and then the toy is easily accessible.

Having an easy to access and easy to set up toy holder is something you’ll soon realise is something you simply can’t live without as you can get along with your daily business without having to worry about your little one’s favourite teddy being catapulted across the supermarket floor or juice bottles ended up under the buggy wheels.

Wheelchair trays, what are the alternatives?

When looking into other products on the market, we came across many wooden wheelchair trays, specifically constructed from hardwood and designed to provide a level surface for the user. However, these trays seemed unavailable for less than $100 and in the description of each product, the phrase ‘fits most standard wheelchairs’ is used time and again. This leads us to think what is standard and we’re sure many people have ended up purchasing this type of tray and not been able to use it. From the photo it is clear that this type of wheelchair tray is also completely unsuitable for powerchair users, unlike Trabasack products. The photo also shows how clunky and large this tray looks.

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iPad bag for Children

A unique British design that incorporates a bag space with an innovatively designed Velcro receptive surface, the Trabasack Curve Connect Kids iPad Bags are your ideal option. Not only is the product extremely light weight is also means your children can use the tray top as a handy table for their iPad or when they use yours. An integrated removable bean bag kids iPad cushion means you can pop the Trabasack bag on your child’s lap and they’ll be at complete ease and be able to enjoy their iPad comfortably.

Page holder for Reading Books

The Pagekeeper: user-friendly universal bookmark and page holder
The PageKeeper is a surprisingly simple invention and is easily clipped onto any book you choose to read. Whenever you turn a page the mechanism holds that page and then, the spring finger keeps your page so you don’t have to worry about losing your place or heeping the pages held open or, even worse, damage your book by turning over its corners. Keep your paperback collection in pristine condition with the easy to use yet ingenious PageKeeper.

Bar Angel Review

Dressing and personal care are among the most intimate and private areas in somebody’s life and the need for support in this can be upsetting and cause anxiety. At Living with Disability, we have searched to find a range of products which support individuals with their independence in personal care including the Uriwell Range and the Denham Brush and the latest product we’ve discovered is the Buckingham BraAngel. At the best of times fastening and unfastening bras can be difficult and it can become even more taxing if you live with a disability or injury. Women living with upper limb restrictions including weaknes following a stroke, arthiritis or permanent damage after trauma can find drawing together the ends of the bra very difficult and then realise they need support getting dressed. The Buckingham Bra Angel can even be used successfully by those who have the use of one arm or have had an amputation.

Kindle Fire for Special Education

The original, most desired product. The highest seller on and soon to be the same in the UK we don’t doubt. With a brand new processor promising 40% faster performance than the original design, if you’re looking for high spec without the high price, this is definitely an option to consider. Amazon highlight the simplicity of use and portability as the highlights of the their original Fire and we have to agree but also rate it’s super value when compared to other leading products from Apple and Blackberry for example. It features an intuitive 7″ Touchscreen and a 1.2GHz processor.

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Kindle Fire for Special Education

The newest incarnation of the top Amazon product has now been announced on the UK version of the site and is due to be released on October 25th 2012.

Amazon has brought their Kindle a long way from a simple eReading device. Now, it stands out amongst the competitors such as the Barnes and Noble Nook and the Kobo. Its product range is further advanced and their Kindle Fire HD Tablet is described as the most advanced tablet of its size. Kindles are for more than just readers now; they can help in many environments including the special educational needs classroom. What’s also encouraging is that they’re extremely affordable compared to other devices on the market such as the Apple iPad.

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